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In need of some retro gaming fun for your Android based phone or tablet? Thanks to Digital Leisure, Inc., the classic arcade game, Dragon’s Lair, is now available on the popular mobile platform.

The Story


Players take on the role of Dirk the Daring, a brave knight challenged with the task of rescuing the beautiful Princess Daphne. Dirk is Deep within the evil Wizard Mordroc’s castle. He faces numerous challenges, traps, and enemies as he must defeat Singe the Dragon for the win.

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The Game’s History

Way-back-when, during a time when videogame arcades where filled with iconic favorites such as Pac-Man and Donkey Kong, a new game arrived that would draw longer lines and eat even more quarters. Dragon’s Lair was its name; a creation from the talent at Don Bluth Studios, developed by Starcom, and published by Cinematronics . It hit the scene in 1983. As a result, changed arcade gaming as it was known. As most games at the time strictly depended on basic pixel based sprites and animations for visuals, Dragon’s Lair invited the player into a live action cartoon for a unique adventure.

Based on live video sequences that played from the then popular Laserdisc format, Dragon’s Lair was different than the rest; it played as an interactive animated movie. Although not quite as popular, other Laserdisc based games also popped-up at the time including the eventual Dragon’s Lair II. The original Dragon’s Lair set the standard for the format. Since then, its debut it has been adapted for nearly every gaming platform possible. This, including modern consoles such as the Nintendo Wii. Now. With the continuing popularity of handheld and tablet based gaming, Dragon’s Lair has arrived to be enjoyed once again on the Android operating system. As so, it offers old-school gamers a portable trip back in time, while introducing a unique action filled classic arcade gaming experience to newcomers.

Playing Dragon’s Lair.

The game offers two modes, a Home mode which allows for simpler play and the original Arcade mode. A really cool thing, is that while actual play. Also, game content has varied over the years in other ported versions. The Android title delivers the action in its original form in Arcade mode - meaning that it is an exact translation of the original arcade game. Check out some awesome guides from seerhack.

To play in either mode, players navigate from scene-to-scene in order to make their way to Singe’s lair. Game control is based on perfect timing of responses to actions in the current scene, rather than directly controlling Dirk’s movements. This means correctly pressing one of the onscreen 4-way directional arrows or the sword button at the required moment will advance Dirk to the next scene without fail - a quick death. All-in-all, the game is put together quite well while offering fun and simple gameplay.


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